Tamil SMS jokes

MATHS Teacher: “How can u distribute 8 apples among 6 people equally….?”







Last bench rockerz: “Juice potu than…”




If ur lover sends u romantic msgs, dont be very happy..



think who send those msgs to ur lover..?


My job is over!



…”Narayana tea solra

In Railway Station,

2 Husbands are searching for their Missing Wife due to crowd,


Husband1: How ur wife Look Like.?


…Husband2: Slim’a,Sivappaa,Nallaa Structure’aa, Gummu’nu Iruppaa., and

How will ur Wife Be.?


Husband1: Avala Edhukku Thaedikkittu.?


Vaanga., Namma Unga Wife’a Thaedalaam…




“Thagara Pettikkul Mogini Pisasukal” Adhu enna….?






Adhu LADIES college bus….



In Library:


sardar: “This book is very bore. More characters but no story”


Librarian: ” Vaadaa… Vaa.. Neethan Telephone directorya thoookitu ponavana?


Ennathan Ahimsavathiya Irundhalum Chappathiya “Suttu” Than Sappida Mudiyum….



In India, we have only Postmen, but no Postwomen, why?





…Because, they take 9 months for delivery…



son: dada nanum pakathuweeddu paiyanum kanakkila 100 mark eduthirukom…


dad:good…ama epdi rendu perum same mark edutheenga?


son:pakathu weeddu paiyanukku 98 mark enakku 2 mark ….


so rednu perum sernthu 100 mark pa…




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