Sardar Jokes collections

Sardar: I hav’nt slept all night in the train.
Friend: why?
Sardar: Got upper berth.
Friend: Why did’nt you exchanged?
Sardar: oye, there was nobody to exchange in the lower


Sardar tells a girl “Come to my house at night,nobody Will b there…….

Girl goes at night & really nobody was there!!!


A sardar invested 2 Lakhs in a business and Suffered

huge Loss.

Do u know what the business was? . . . .. .

He opened a Saloon in Punjab !.


Sardarji was filling up application form for a job.

He was not sure as to what to be filled in column “Salary Expected”.

After much thought he wrote : Yes!


Sardar was writing something very slowly.

Friend asked:” Why r u writing so slowly?

Sardar: “I’m writing 2 my 6 yr old son, he can’t read very fast..


Postman:- I Have To Come 5 Miles To Deliver U This Packet

Sardar:- why did u come so far. Instead u could have posted it….


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